The Biotech Gold Rush
Has Started

Two historic events happening right now will make Biotech investors who know which companies to invest in very rich!

Dear Reader,

They are the two biggest secrets that everybody knows and nobody is talking about!

I’m going to show you how, if you act today, you can use these events to lock in amazing profits while there is still time.


Why haven’t you heard about this yet?

You have, but what you haven’t heard is how important this information is for your financial future!

The simple truth is investors and analysts aren’t the people talking about these trends.

Believe me, scientists and anthropologists have been talking about this nonstop, but they don’t see the opportunity they have right in front of them.

The simple truth is they haven’t realized how current events are a road map for huge profits.

Profits like the…



These companies were all solid companies, but what made their stock skyrocket?  They were positively affected by two trends.

So what are these trends?

Trend 1: Baby Boomers are getting old

I am sure this isn’t news to you but since the birth of the baby boomer generation, it has had a HUGE effect on the economy.

The simple truth is when a person reaches the age of 50+, they will have many more medical issues.

“A strong combination of technological advance and the aging of the American baby boom generation — has created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”-San Francisco Chronicle

Right now over 40 million people are over the age of 50 in the U.S. alone and that number is growing fast!

This is a huge market of people who need medication to deal with their issues and their issues are growing day by day.

Biotech companies that service this market will make their investors big profits.  Companies like…

Anacor Pharmaceuticals -This biotech company starting heating up when it announced it had developed a new drug to cure fungal infections that often affect people in their late 60s.  With this announcement, our subscribers locked in a quick 269% profit!



We recommended Prana Biotechnology to our subscribers because of one of the drugs they are now testing – this drug may not only treat Alzheimer’s, it might actually cure it!  When this announcement hit, our subscribers made a 230% profit!

Or Vermillion – One of Vermillion’s products in particular helps identify Peripheral Artery Disease.  An estimated 12 million people have this condition and it’s recommended that everyone over the age of 50 test for it.  As this product moved through the FDA pipeline in 2009, the stock soared from about $0.01 a share to a peak of $20.25 (and that took just 3 months)!



That’s good enough to turn every $100 you invested into a whopping $202,400!

All of these companies made their investors big profits because the drugs they created were geared towards the baby boomers and the conditions they will face in the next 20 years.

The second trend hasn’t gotten as much notice outside the scientific community.  This is mainly because we as a society have gotten so used to how fast science and technology is advancing now.

Believe me, you haven’t seen anything yet!


Trend 2: The pace of medical advancement


Medical Miracles are now everyday events

Medical science is advancing faster and faster every year.  For over 20 years, medical science has been creating miracle after miracle at an astounding rate.

Just a few short years ago, having a hip replacement would be a month long ordeal and your recovery time would be close to six months.

Getting your hip replaced today is an outpatient surgery and you would be up and walking in 24 hours!

Fifty years ago this would have been science fiction, today it’s just another day in the Biotech world.

However, everything up until now has all just been a build up for the next few years.

Now that all of the “foundational” science and research has been done, the rate of new drugs being created is going to explode.

Entire new fields of advancements:

These are just a few areas of medical advancement that we could not even have dreamed of 10 years ago.

And based on what’s coming down the FDA pipeline, this is just the beginning of amazing new treatments…

Take Power 3 Medical (PWRM) for example…

This company is developing a method to detect diseases far earlier than the tests being used now.

Imagine if you could detect a disease like Alzheimer’s or breast cancer one, two, or evenFIVE years earlier than current tests.

I don’t have to tell you how that would improve treatment and boost survival rates!

Another company, AVAX Technologies (AVXT), has a Stage 3 drug named MVax that may one day treat late-stage melanoma.

Needless to say, these are some amazing technologies.  And investors have noticed…

Power 3 Medical soared 1,980%


AVAX Technologies skyrocketed 1,712%.

That’s nearly a 20-fold increase in your initial investment in each stock.


Good luck getting those types of profits from blue chips!

Everyday investors just like you are making their fortune every day by investing in companies like…

Imagine what profits like this could mean to you, your family, and your life!


Having the Right Information is your key to profits

At this point, you must realize that the biotech sector has some huge opportunities for you to profit.  However, before you choose to invest in the Biotech industry, you need to know what companies to invest in.


Biotech Supertrader was built to make sure you profit from this gold rush!

When we looked at several newsletters that were trying to profit off the Biotech revolution, we noticed three things about all of them:

  1. Most of them have editors who were experts in the “biotech industry” (medical doctors and scientists with whole strings of titles behind their names).
  2. Most of them have never been a professional trader.
  3. A lot of them can’t find the explosive winners that they promise their subscribers.

The simple truth is a company may have an amazing product but that doesn’t mean that the investors will profit.  These editors may understand the technology backwards and forwards…

But they don’t have a clue how investors will react and how to profit off these advancements!

Right from the beginning, we knew what we needed…

We needed a Stock Expert who understood the Biotech industry- not a Biotech expert who “understands” stocks

We knew we needed a market expert who had the ability to analyze stocks and find the winners.

Riding the volatility of the biotech sector to the huge profits we want for our subscribers isn’t about technology…

It’s about TIMING.

Getting in and out at the right time to profit!

And believe me, our editor knows how to do that!

We call him Mr. Williams.

He’s worked for several years in the banking industry. He has analyzed and successfully traded in the stock market for decades.

When we began discussing the future of Biotech, he explained that everyone was approaching the market backwards.

They were looking at the product and not the STOCK, and that is why they fail.

I was a little skeptical at first.  Everyone “knows” that finding the next new wonder drug was the only way to profit in the biotech world.

After a single conversation with Mr. Williams and him explaining what he looks for I finally got it.


The three C’s biotech companies need to succeed

Mr. Williams explained that success as a Biotech investor is being able to look at a company and break it down into the three C’s:

1. The company needs a Catalyst – The company has to have a drug in phase 2 of testing or later – especially drugs that have a big market (heart disease, cancer etc.).

Now most so called “biotech experts” will stop here.  They will make the recommendation based on the potential for the drug and hope for the best.  This is why they miss out on the big profits.

2. The company needs the Cash – Developing biotech companies make almost no money until the drugs they are developing get to market.  They need to have enough cash in reserves to make it to market AND they need financing deals set up to replenish their cash reserves AND you need to know how these deals will affect you the shareholder.

(As you can see, this is a huge factor for success or failure of a biotech company!)

3. The company needs Competence – If both of the other factors are good, then Mr. Williams moves onto the last C – Competence, namely the Competence of management.  What does he look for?

Do the managers have –

And finally,

Usually getting your hands on this kind of research would be a full time job or would cost you thousands of dollars.

But we have decided to change that.


Biotech Supertrader is your secret weapon to profit

With Biotech Supertrader, we want to make sure all of our subscribers would be 100% satisfied so we made 4 promises to you – our subscriber.

Promise #1: To help you make as much money as you can while things are hot,we will send you only those stocks that have a real chance of giving you a 100% return or better…

Promise #2: To help you score lightning-fast profits, we will give you clear, easy-to-understand ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ signals based on our many years of investing knowledge as well as fundamental and technical analysis…

Promise #3: To make sure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, we will make sure our recommendations cover different areas of the sector…

Promise #4: To ensure you always know what to do next, we’ll always keep you up-to-date not only on the stocks in the portfolio, but also what the FDA and institutions are doing…

Biotech Supertrader is the only investment trading service designed from the bottom-up to make sure you don’t miss the chance to profit from this Biotech gold rush.


“The Next 12 Months Could Be The Most Profitable Of Your Life!”

You can become a member of Biotech Supertrader today and start profiting from what could become one of the greatest moneymaking opportunities of your generation.

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No more waiting to get news on hot stocks!

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Members-only access to the Biotech Supertrader website.  You get unlimited access to our special website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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This way you’ll always be completely up-to-date on your investments and this sector.

Plus, if you join now, you’ll get 2 special reports designed to get you up-to-speed on the best way to squeeze every bit of profit out of your biotech trades:

First, Biotechnology Investing 101 will get you up-to-speed on what it takes to make a killing in this sector.

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“The Gold Rush Is Happening… Are You Ready To Grab Your Share?”

Venture capitalists and institutional investors are willing to pay 5-figure ‘consulting’ fees just to get a clue as to where these stocks are heading…

Because of the sensitive nature of this research, we can’t give access to it to every Tom, Dick, and Harry investor.  If we do, we’ll have too many people chasing the exact same stocks…

Which would only serve to artificially inflate the prices of the stocks I recommend.  That means some subscribers wouldn’t be able to establish their positions at reasonable levels.

Considering the importance of this mega-trend, that’s just not something I want to happen.

So we’ve decided to limit the initial number of subscribers to Biotech Supertrader.  We thought we could take a few more but my publisher said no.

But as a concession, they did agree to lower the price- temporarily.

So, for a very limited time, you can get your first quarter of Biotech Supertrader for the reduced price of just $97.  Then the low, low rate of just $197 per quarter after that with no long-term contract.

Now, I don’t know how long this will last.  Given the magnitude of this opportunity and what’s already happening in the market, I don’t see it lasting very long…

But if you take advantage of this offer now, you’re guaranteed that price (and a spot) for life.

That means you get all the trade alerts, special reports, position updates, sell signals, sector briefings, and more at this special rate forever…

And the quarterly billing cycle means no long-term commitments…

So take a deep breath, you’re about to tap into what’s likely to become the biggest bull market in modern history…

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We’re going to make this very simple.

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That way you only pay for the time you use…

Any profits you’ve made, the special reports, the recommendations, the position and sector updates- they’re all yours to keep.

And every time we identify one of these biotech gems, you’ll receive an instant alert via email.  It’ll give you everything you need to know – exactly what to buy, ticker symbol, how to order, and most importantly, when to sell for maximum profit.

You don’t need any special skills… there are no numbers to crunch or moving averages to follow.  Just simple, straightforward recommendations anyone can take advantage of.

But let me be clear about one thing.  Time is of the essence.  Every time a biotech stock goes through the roof and you’re not on board, that’s money you have lost.

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P.S.  Right now the two trends happening at the same time signal the beginning of an immense bull market in biotech stocks.  The coming biotech superboom will send many stocks up 100%, 500%, or even 1,000% or more!  And you won’t have to wait years and years to see these results.  Join Biotech Supertrader now to cash in on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

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