When you invest with Penny Stock Breakouts, you are going to learn a new definition for what you call a “profitable” investment.

What does a typical buy and hold investor think of as profitable investment? 5 to 10%, if he’s lucky. What do we call a “profitable” investment?

How about…

The 514% you could have made on Primedia?


The 605% you would have made on Gulf Resources?


The 1098% you might have made on Human Gen Sciences!!!

Hello fellow Investors,

Today you have the chance to make a better choice for your future. You can either continue to trust others to handle your investments and take whatever they decide to give you or you can take control and start making real profits.

It is time to take control of your future.

Let me start off at the beginning.

My name is Jay Chernoff.

I am the managing editor of Penny Stock Breakouts newsletter.

I have over 15 years experience in the financial sector. I have worked on Wall Street, in major investment firms, and in boutique trading firms that specialized in helping individual investors like you successfully invest. I also spent many years working as a management and small business consultant. When it comes to finding successful small businesses to invest in, I am an expert.

I am about to tell you my secret for successful investing in penny stocks.

Successes like…

Primedia (PRM)- The free magazines they publish help everyday Americans find their next apartment or home. They have also developed an extensive web presence. In November of 2008, this company’s revenue was around 76 million a quarter and kept going up. I looked at what this company was doing and I liked what I saw. I issued a buy order when stock was trading at $0.66 a share, but it didn’t stay there long. It jumped up to $4.05 a share. If you had been in on this trade, you would have been sitting on a profit of 514%!


Gulf Resources (GFRE) came on my radar and I got interested very quickly. Gulf Resources produces Bromide. Bromide is an industrial chemical with too many uses to list. What really caught my interest was the fact that this company, which was only 3 years old, had become the biggest Bromide producer in China and the 4th largest in the world. When I starting checking out this company, the more I learned… the more I liked. In July 2009, I recommended Gulf Resources to my subscribers. Shares were trading at $2.12 but not for long! They hit $14.94 a share! Subscribers just like you racked up a 605% profit!


Human Genome Sciences (HGSI) had a new product in the pipeline that was going to be a game changer! They had a drug that they were getting ready to put out on the market to help people who were diagnosed with Lupus. I did my homework on this company and didn’t find any red flags. In July 2009, I recommended a buy. When I made my recommendation, shares were trading around $2.88. The stock hit $34.49 a share…If you had been a subscriber, you could have made a 1098% profit! 

Profits like this don’t happen every day… but they happen a lot. The reason I produce opportunities for my clients to grab huge profits like this on a consistent basis comes down to one factor.

I Choose Companies not Stocks.

What’s the difference? All too often in the penny stock world, people fall for the hype and end up buying the next “hot stock” in worthless companies and end up losing money.

For 15 years, I have made my clients money in the penny stock market by analyzing the company and not just the stock.

My Three-Step Process For Analyzing the Companies I Recommend

Step 1- Technical Analysis of the stock of a company.

This is just the beginning of my process. Even though I consider this my most basic of steps…

I will still eliminate all the so-called “hot penny stocks!”

Anyone who has read anything about penny stocks knows the stocks I am talking about. These are the hyped to death stocks that suddenly appear out of nowhere and are supposed to be the “next big thing”.

Stocks like these are eliminated without a second glance.

95% of all the other available penny stocks get cut at this point as well for all kinds of reasons. They could be:

Usually this gets me down to a dozen or so stocks that have caught my interest. Now it is time to take a really close look at them.

Step 2- I Evaluate Each Company Based On My 5 Criteria.

The system I use is very simple and very strict. If a company is lacking in a single area, it is eliminated for consideration. I have been using this system my entire career to evaluate companies. I look at 5 areas:

“The key to deciding when to buy penny stocks is to ignore distractions and buy based on fundamental analysis of a company’s financial statements, products, and management.”


  1. Revenue – I only look at companies that are actively growing their revenue stream.
  2. Their Books – I only want companies with earning stability and growth, and NO companies with a lot of debt.
  3. The Company Structure – Does management own a big piece of the company? If not that is a BIG red flag.
  4. Valuation Verification – The more undervalued a company (and it’s stock) is, the better. Companies can be undervalued for all kinds of reasons. The most common reason is because the company isn’t a huge name like Coke or Apple and no one is paying attention…but I am!
  5. Meaningful Milestones – What’s the X factor that will get big investors interested and drive the price higher? (More on that in step 3)

Each category is given a rating of 1-5 stars. How do I accurately measure each investment criteria?

Research, Research, and more Research!

I tear each and every company apart.

I review:

I look at analyst reports and possible effects of upcoming new government policies. I also look at each individual company’s industry as a whole.

It’s more difficult to analyze a penny stock than the well known “blue chip stocks” and that is why I help make my subscribers the profits they deserve.

At this point in my process, I am down to 4 or 5 stocks that have made the cut. They are all solid companies but I am not looking for “solid” profits. I am looking for incredible profits. That is where step 3 comes in.

Step 3- I look for the company with the “WOW” factor.

What is this company doing that will blow the investors away? Are they about to launch a new product or move into a new market? Is the FDA about to approve their new drug? I don’t want a solid company that will produce slow steady profit.

I am looking for a grand slam. I want you to be in the position that when the rest of the world wakes up and realizes how amazing this company is and starts buying, you cash in on a so called “once in a lifetime” opportunity.

Opportunities like…

Nova Measuring Instrument (NVMI) has carved itself out a nice little niche in the microchip equipment manufacturing industry. This is a huge market and it keeps growing. (Anyone think the computer is a passing fad?) This company’s products allow chip-manufacturing companies to make tiny adjustments during the manufacturing process that allows them to save money and improve quality. This small company’s clients include 15 of the 20 chipmakers with the highest capital for spending. This is a huge industry and they are in the perfect spot. When I looked into this company, I saw a lot of upside potential. When I issued a buy order, shares were trading at $4.34. The stock spiked at $11.79 a share. As a subscriber, this would have been your chance to lock in a 172% profit!

And opportunities like…

China Bio Products (CHPO) is a pioneer in the field of plasma-based biopharmaceuticals. These companies make medicine from human plasma. In 2008, China cracked down on the imports of human plasma, creating a huge demand. China Bio Products saw its prices and profits doubling, tripling, even quadrupling. I saw the situation, took a close look at this Chinese powerhouse, and recommended my subscribers to buy. When I recommend this company, its shares were trading around $3.70. Prices quickly climbed to $13.70. That could have been a profit of 270% in five months in your pocket.

If you had been a subscriber, you would not have missed out on an opportunity like this…

Carriage Services (CSV) provides funeral services and operates over 147 funeral homes in 25 states and 33 cemeteries in 12 states. Carriage Services has leveraged their size to free up cash flow to acquire more funeral homes in geographically favorable locations. This advantage has lead to a positive cash flow that is growing fast. After checking the numbers, I issued a buy order. Carriage Services was trading at $5.20 a share. It quickly climbed to $18.89. As a subscriber, you could have locked in a 330% profit!  

You need to be investing in penny stocks today!

You have infinite choices when it comes to investing. Why should you choose penny stocks? There are several reasons why you need to have part of your portfolio in penny stocks right now!

Penny Stocks Have A History of Profitability

Penny stocks can be some of the most profitable stocks you can invest in. How do I know this? History. The universally respected American Association of Individual Investors published an important study. They took a look at the stock market and a number of different investment strategies. They even looked specifically at the performance of big company versus small company stocks. Their research went back all the way to 1940. What they found was truly amazing. Small stocks were ten times more profitable than blue chips – 10 times!

What the study found was if you invested $1,000 in big companies starting in the 1940s, today it would be worth $1.5 million, not bad… but that same $1,000 invested in small companies, starting in the 1940s – the types of companies I recommend to readers like you – that same $1,000 would be worth $14.9 million by 2005.

The Upward Mobility of Penny Stock Price

Why Penny Stocks?

“Small companies offer individual investors…many advantages. Most institutional investors must avoid small caps, at least until they grow larger. That makes them under followed and increases the chances that they’re misvalued.

-Motley Fool

Blue chip stocks can move up in price but they do it very slowly- a 5% move up in a blue chip stock is a huge move. It would be the leading story that night in the financial news. Moves of that size in a blue chip stock are very rare. The smaller companies I will recommend to you are in the position to move up in price and not by 5%. The companies I recommend can move up by 100% or higher.

Huge Upside

The companies I recommend are ready to break out. They have positioned themselves for huge up swings- in some cases, they might go up by several hundred percent.

Less Risk

Because it costs less to invest in these stocks, there is less potential downside. This is an opportunity to position your money to get in before the “smart money” – the investors that are “in the know”- jump in followed by the institutional investors, hedge funds, pension funds, and mutual funds because once they start buying, the price is going to skyrocket!

What the mainstream financial news media is saying…

Are you ready to take control of your investing life?

It’s amazing how often investors who know that penny stocks are the way to invest for the future still don’t. Want to know why?

It is fear, pure and simple.

It is always surprising to me the number of investors I meet who say the same thing- “I know I could make money on penny stocks but it’s too complicated.” That is what I am here for. When you sign up for Penny Stock Breakouts, you get a lot more than a newsletter…

What you get as a new member

I want to make sure you succeed and when you sign up, you not only get stock recommendations, you also get support. No matter what level of investment experience you have, I can help you make huge profits in the penny stock world.

Monthly Issues of Penny Stock Breakouts

These will be delivered by email at the beginning of every month. This is where I will tell you about the hottest companies that I am recommending. I will show you their star rating and I will walk you through the fundamentals and why these stocks are a great buy.

Just as important, I will tell you about the “wow” factor- the final reason why I am recommending this stock. I will give you full details on each and every recommendation…what stock to buy, at what price, and why. You will never be alone.

Email updates on open positions

Not only will you receive the monthly newsletters, I will also update you any time it’s needed during the month by email when information changes. For example, when I think it’s a good time to bank some of your gains, when to add to your positions, and when it’s time to sell. I will also notify you of special situations that are just too good to pass up and can’t wait for a monthly issue.

Round-the–clock access to the members only website

This is unlimited 24 hours a day 7 days a week access to the Penny Stock Breakouts website FREE with your subscription. From here, you can access all of the latest recommendations, weekly updates, archive of past issues, and our current portfolio.

It’s a pretty good start, but I want to give you more.

At the beginning, I told you I want more for you. I want you to make huge profits and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure you achieve that goal.

Free special bonus report 1

psb101report  Penny Stocks 101: Secrets To Penny Stock Investing

When it comes to investors’ knowledge, I assume nothing. This report covers the basics of the extremely profitable new world you are about to enter.

What you will learn in this special report

Free special bonus report 2

psbomreport  Penny Stock Breakouts Operating Manual

This is where we take your penny stock education to the next level. This special report not only will give you everything you need to know on the technical side of penny stock investing, we are going to take it a step further. I am going to tell you about the way all successful investors think. In this special report, I will teach you…

Now for the really fun stuff

Not only do I explain the world of penny stock investing to you, we help you create a successful business investing plan!

Next we will get into the actual day to day of placing orders

Investors become successful because they get the best advice

There isn’t a single person in the world that is an expert on everything and the smartest (and richest) investors know this. They listen to expert advice and then make a decision. I want to be your expert. I want to advise you on what penny stocks to buy. Like I have for people like this…

• I’ve made a lot of money with Robert’s picks. Please give him a pat on the back from me. If I run into him, I’ll take him out to lunch!!!”

K. S.
Melbourne Beach, FL

• “Your service has been absolutely phenomenal. You team has consistently picked winners month in and month out, in the most severe recession in our lifetimes. I have achieved a total return in my IRA of 157% since March, in large part due to your team’s ability to correctly identify the right stocks at the right time.”

R. C.
Little Rock, AR

You have a decision to make for your future

Are you ready to build for your future? Are you ready to take advantage of the amazing opportunity investing in penny stocks offers? Are you ready to profit from advice from an expert with 15 years experience?

You need to act now!

I do not know how long we are going to make this offer available, but once it is gone, it is gone! I don’t want you to miss any more opportunities and I’m sure you don’t either. If you’re ready to get started, click the subscription button below. The sooner you subscribe, the more opportunities you will have to make a profit.

With companies like this…

China Cast Education (CAST) has taken higher education through the free market to a whole new level! They provide interactive distance learning to over 131,000 students at 15 different universities. What really caught my interest was the advantage China Cast had over its competition. They can provide education to anyone in China due to advanced satellite technology no one else has. After reading this and taking a look at all the numbers, I recommended this company in March 2009. Shares were trading at $2.81 a share. The stock jumped to $8.61 a share! As a subscriber, you could have racked up a 206% profit in just 7 months! 


Web.com (WWWW) have set themselves up to profit from the explosion in online shopping. For a small monthly fee, they can help any small or medium sized company do business on the web. After reviewing their books, business model, and potential for growth, I knew this company was going places. I recommended a buy when shares were trading at $4.56. Soon after it jumped to $15.50! As a subscriber, you could have made a 240% profit!

And profits like…

High Tech Pharmacal (HITK) is a leader in the generic drug industry. This is one of the fastest growing markets in the U.S. When I read what this company was posting for profits quarter after quarter, I knew it was a company to keep an eye on! Their profits were significantly higher than the standard, even for this incredibly lucrative market. I took a look at this company and liked what I saw so I issued a buy recommendation in March 2009 when shares were trading at $5.17 a share. The stock jumped up to $29.89 a share. This could have been a 478% profit for you!

If you decide this amazing opportunity isn’t for you, then you can cancel at any time and you won’t be billed again.

This opportunity won’t wait and I’d hate to see you miss out….

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