The Deal Of The Year

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My entire staff thinks I’m going crazy with this offer… but it’s really up to YOU to decide how crazy I am.

You see, I know a number of you have been on the fence about the Sector ETF Trader. You want to subscribe, but you’re not 100% sure it’s right for you. You don’t want to get tied up with something you might not use.

Well, let me do something crazy… let me make you an offer you can’t refuse!

Here we go… The Sector ETF Trader newsletter is normally $99 a year. It’s a great deal at those prices.

We’ve picked winning trade after winning trade in the service… and a single winner can pay for 5 or 10 years of your subscription.

But that $99 a year price isn’t good enough for me… or for you…

So, let me do this.

I want you to subscribe to our Sector ETF Trader for only $4.99…

Yep just $4.99… (Click This Link To Sign Up For $4.99)

It’s a trial rate for you to test out the service and see if it’s right for you.

But that $4.99 price doesn’t just buy you one month of access. Nope! If you really want to experience the success of our Sector ETF Trader newsletter, I want you to take more than a single month… or even two!

So I’m getting a bit crazier… I’m going to give you THREE solid months of the Sector ETF Trader service for just $4.99!

Yep – 3 months for just $4.99 total.

No other fees, no hoops to jump through, no undisclosed charges… 4 dollars and 99 cents gets you this ridiculous 3 months trial rate…

But to get this crazy offer you must do something for me.

If you love the service, stick with it. We’ll continue billing you at a whopping $4.99 a month. (That’s more than a 60% discount off the regular rate).

However, if you hate the service… if we haven’t given you great trading ideas… If you’re not receiving stellar market insight, if you don’t feel like you’re gaining great knowledge about the market… just let us know and we’ll cancel your subscription at the end of the month.

We won’t bill you any further. And we can part as friends.

Is that fair? I think it is…

Am I crazy… or is this the deal of the year?

Now, please don’t wait… this offer is only good for the next day or so… and if you miss it, you probably won’t see it again.

Remember our regular billing is $99 a year, and you can sign up for your first 3 months for just $4.99.

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When you become a member of Sector ETF Trader, you’ll have the opportunity to pocket huge sums of cash each and every month.

And to help you get started as quickly as possible, here’s what you’ll get as soon as you join:

Monthly Issues Of Sector ETF Trader

Delivered on the 1st Tuesday of every month, this is where you’ll learn about the hottest sectors for immediate investment. Each issue will give you the FULL details on the recommendation including… which sector to buy… at what price… and why.

For the biggest profit potential, you’ll want to be ready to act on this information right away! And once you do, we’ll never leave you hanging…

Mid-Month Updates On Open Positions

In between monthly issues, you’ll receive email updates as necessary, letting you know exactly when to bank some of your gains… when to add to your positions… and when to sell. We’ll also alert you to any special situations that are too good to pass up and can’t wait for the monthly issue.

Exclusive, Round-The-Clock Access To Members-Only Website

Also included with your membership is unlimited access to the Sector ETF Trader website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This password-protected members-only access is FREE with your subscription.

From here you can access all the latest recommendations, updates, archive of past issues, our current portfolio, and any special reports we put out. This way you’ll always be completely up-to-date on your ETFs – even when you’re travelling!

Special Bonus Reports

Subscribe now and we’ll also give you these FREE BONUS REPORTS that will quickly get you up to speed on ETF investing – and how to use our service to jumpstart your investment returns:

ETFs 101 ETFs 101: Secrets To ETF Investing

For those new to ETFs, or for those who need a refresher course, this 17 page guide will serve as your primer. Inside, you’ll learn everything you need to know about successful ETF investing.

Discover the basics of ETFs, how they work, when to buy and sell, and important pitfalls to watch out for. It’s all included in this informative guide… FREE and instantly available with your subscription.

You also get…

ETF Users Guide Sector ETF Trader Users Guide

Successful ETF trading begins with specific knowledge. Our Operating Manual will give you that knowledge. In it, we’ll reveal how to use Sector ETF Trader to make the most money rotating from sector to sector. You’ll get insights into how and why the service works… how to place your trades… and how to develop a trading plan for capturing consistent profits.

As you can probably tell, we spare no expense in making sure you have the tools you need to make as much money as possible, as quickly as possible, from the ETF markets.

And remember, you’re never alone. Between the monthly issues and updates- you’ll always know precisely what to do. We’ll be there every step of the way to put you in the best position to profit from every trade you make…

So what are you waiting for?

What we’re offering you right now is the deal of the year.

A 3 month trial subscription to Sector ETF Trader for just $4.99… and if you decide to continue profiting from our amazing ETF selections, we’ll continue your subscription at just $4.99 a month.

Act now, this deal won’t last forever…

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