Penny Stock Traders:

Every Penny Stock Has an “MPC” Curve.

This Simple Curve is the Key to Big Profits.


If You’re Not Aware of it, You Are Trading Blindly.

Once You Understand it, You’ll Make a Lot More Money.

Our analysts have discovered that every penny stock has a definite profit curve.  As a trader, you simply must be aware of this curve if you really want to make money.

MPC curve

This is the MPC curve – the Maximum Profit Curve.

Note there are three points on the curve: the lowest entry point, the highest exit point, and the loss point. Each of these points represents a dollar amount.

For example: Let’s assume you are considering buying a particular penny stock.

What if you knew the best price at which to buy the stock, the best price at which to sell the stock, and the price at which you’d lose money? Knowing those three points would give you a huge advantage.

In reality, you only need to know two of these three points to make money: the best time to buy and the best time to sell.

That is what our service does for you. We simply tell you the best price to buy the stock and when to buy it, we then monitor the stock, and then we tell you when to sell.

Once you buy the stock, you automatically know your loss point – our job is to tell you when to sell, before you ever hit that loss point.

Of course, the most important point on the curve is the top point – the point at which you sell the stock to capture the highest profit.

That, my friend, is something no one, no trading service on earth, and no analyst, however smart – can predict. If someone tells you they can, then they are flat out lying.

Understanding the MPC curve will allow you to:

We Don’t Want You to Waste Time or Money

Understanding the MPC curve is the easy part – the hard part is finding the tiny companies – hidden gems that have true potential for profit. Only after uncovering them do we then apply the MPC curve.

Uncovering these hidden gems is a tough game. You could spend countless hours and thousands of dollars betting on the wrong ones.

Or, you could be one of our members and simply let our analysts do all of the hard, boring work for you.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to join an exclusive, professional trading club but have hesitated due to cost, stick with me. I’ll show you a price so low that it will absolutely make you change your mind.

But I’ll warn you right now; our penny stock-trading club is so successful we will have to close it to members very soon.

You’ve probably never heard of our little trading club – and that’s just the way we like it. We maintain a strict limit of 500 members. But people drop out for various reasons and that is why we are publishing this notice. We currently have some openings in the club – a rare occurrence – one that I urge you not to overlook.

Bear with me for a few minutes while I explain what I think is an extraordinary opportunity.

Selfish Traders

Our current members are a very selfish bunch – they would prefer we not let in any new members, period. Does that mean they are bad people? No, but they do enjoy making money, and they like maintaining a small group of traders. By keeping the group small, the odds of each of them making money are greater than if the group was huge.

You see – our members are just like you. They were once sitting at their computer – just like you – reading an article just like you are reading right now.

But traders are a stubborn bunch.

Some of them have lost thousands of dollars trying to do it on their own – before they discovered what we already know – that there is an easier way. What makes our members different is that they actually took action after reading the article.

Now that they have experienced our exclusive service, they have finally tasted what it feels like to finally make money trading penny stocks. In fact, it’s their success that has made them selfish.

They begged us not to accept any new members, and I’m willing to bet that once you join, you’ll feel the same way about accepting new members. But members do drop out for various reasons, and that creates new opportunities for traders like you. We need to fill those openings.

Our goal is to keep the group small and successful. Once we again reach 500 members, we will have to close the club to new members.

Why Should I Join Your Group Instead of Some Other?

Great question. The reason is simple – our system works. And, I’m going to make you an offer so great, with so many benefits, that you’d be crazy not to jump on board. But be warned, if you hesitate, you may be out of luck.

Here’s what we offer: a full staff of researchers, great recommendations, fantastic track record, simplicity of use, rock solid guarantee – and a price so low that it may never be offered again.

Show Me The Money 

If we could, we’d let you interview some of our current members, but for privacy reasons, we cannot. Besides, these guys don’t want any notoriety – they would prefer to fly under the radar, racking up profits and stashing cash. 

While we can’t put you in contact with our current members, we can share some of our actual recommendation results – you can make up your own mind.

Here are some of our past recommendations for our members:

Capstone Turbine (CPST)

This little company is quietly growing and it has technology that is ahead of its time. The company manufactures turbine engines that don’t use metal-to-metal bearings – they use air as the cushion between the rotating fans and the housing. This reduces friction, thus reducing operating heat, and at the same time the turbines are quieter and require much less maintenance than conventional turbines. The company has a huge backlog of business and its sales year-over-year are growing impressively.

Had you invested $5,000 in Capstone on Dec. 16, 2013, a short 3 months later on March 20, you could have cashed out for $10,252… a nice little 3-month profit of $5,252. And this is with only a little over a $1.00 move in the stock.

Wave Systems (WAVX)

This company designs and builds digital security hardware products. With the increasing need for more security in both the hardware and software industry, Wave Systems has found the niche of the future.

Today’s digital security needs are huge, and Wave Systems is no newcomer – they have been developing cutting edge products since 1988. The stock experiences relatively small moves, but even small moves can make you very rich.

For example, had you invested $5,000 in WAVX on October 2, 2014 when the price was $0.98, you could have cashed out at the end of the following day, October 3, when the stock hit $1.22. That doesn’t seem like a lot of movement, but put it in perspective – your $5,000 investment just grew to $6,100 – giving you over $1,100 profit in ONE DAY.

Fuel Cell Energy (FCEL)

Fuel cells were the darling of the stock market during 2013, but the “green” energy sector has not done much of anything since. That being said, Fuel Cell Energy is a viable company and the State of Connecticut recently extended them a financial package to expand their manufacturing and development. The stock made a nice move on this news – enough for penny stock traders to make a tidy profit.

As with all penny stocks, it doesn’t take a lot of movement to make some serious cash, and this is the case with FCEL. On October 17, 2014, the stock was selling for $1.74. Assume you invested $5,000 in FCEL. Seventeen days later on November 3, the stock closed at $2.19 – not a huge move, but enough for a profit of $1,293 – not bad for a couple of weeks.

You see – you don’t have to make a killing to improve your lifestyle. With our system, you’ll have the opportunity to make an extra $1,000, $2,000 or even $5,000 per month – would that make a difference in your lifestyle? You know it would.

The unbelievable thing is that you can make this kind of money without spending hours and hours in front of your computer.

If Penny Stocks Are So Great, Then Why Is There So Much Controversy About Them?

The answer is this: there are so many penny stocks it’s impossible for the SEC to closely monitor each and every one!

This lack of regulation is exactly what crooked penny stock promoters love, and that is why so many people lose money trading penny stocks.

There are so many scams and schemes that it is difficult to separate truth from fiction. I know – I’ve been the victim too, but the good news is that there actually is big money to be made trading penny stocks – I know because I see it happen every day. It can be life changing.


You begin our service and stick with it for a while. You have some success and you bank some small profits.

As you get comfortable with our service and our recommendations, you gain confidence.

After a while, you notice your trading account growing, but you still haven’t hit the big one. Then it happens… one day you have a gut feeling about one of our recommendations – you trade a substantial amount and WHAMMO – you make a killing.

With the stroke of some computer keys, you watch as the trade you just made begins climbing – and climbing – and climbing. You are nervous. You finally sell.

Disbelief flows over you as you check your balance. Can this be real? This much money in such a short time? Your mind wanders:

Do I take a luxury cruise?

Do I pay off my mortgage?

Do I finally pay off all of my credit cards?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be in this situation? Trust me, I’ve been there – and you can be there too.

Is there really a way to make big money trading penny stocks? 

The answer is a resounding – YES. But How?

There is really only one way to successfully trade penny stocks, and that is by using a LEGITIMATE trading service.

There are a ton of free newsletters out there telling you that you can make a million dollars by following their recommendations. Let’s get real here – why in the world would you think that a legitimate company would give you free recommendations of great stocks?

I know that you already know the answer to that question. Heck, I can get free recommendations from my buddies. Do I go act on their advice? No. Would I go act on the advice of a free newsletter? – Not on your life.

You see, I started seeing it years ago… investor after investor fell for the recommendations in a free newsletter. The letter was slick, looked professional and seemed believable. What many didn’t question was why they were giving away this great information for free. Greed and curiosity got in the way… and many investors followed their recommendations.

Man, did they lose a lot of money. Money that they didn’t have to lose. And the more people lost, the more desperate they became to make up the losses – exactly what the promoters hoped would happen.

Nowadays, when I talk to other investors about WHY they stopped trading penny stocks, I always get the same answer – they lost money on almost every trade.

Why is this, I ask them? The answer is also very common – they didn’t know what they were doing – they just followed the advice in an email they received.

You see – we’re all the same.

We all want to make a lot of money and we want to do it the easy way – by following someone’s advice. But, if you really want to make money trading penny stocks, then you must follow three basic rules:

Rule 1

Don’t make trades based solely on a free online service.

This is probably the most common mistake new traders make. Free advice is as valuable as what it cost.

Rule 2

Know when to sell.

Buying is the easy part, but sticking to a discipline as to when to sell is the tough part. If you want to make money, you absolutely must keep your losses to a minimum. Before you buy a stock, you must have a plan as to when to sell. Don’t ever make the mistake of sticking with a stock that is dropping, in hopes that it will come back up.

Rule 3

Don’t go it alone.

When you were a kid, did you just hop on a bike and ride? No, you had to have assistance until you were proficient. The same is true with trading penny stocks – you need to know the ropes first and you need someone to teach you before you begin trading.

One thing to always keep in mind when trading penny stocks: the goal is not to make a killing on one stock. The goal is to make small profits on a lot of stocks. You see, unlike a lot of promoters out there, we want to be realistic with you: trading penny stocks can be extremely rewarding, but it’s not going to happen overnight – you need to take your time and be patient.

Being patient is a hard thing to do for a lot of traders – they want fast action and fast profits – it’s in their blood. We all dream of making that one huge trade – one that will make us a millionaire. But if you actually talk to millionaires, they will tell you that it doesn’t happen instantly, it takes some time. What we want is steady profits, and that is what our service is all about. 

Hi, my name is Brian Kent,

I’m the NEW director of small-cap research at Hyperion Financial – an independent research organization. I’m also the editor of Penny Stock Research, a global newsletter with more than 115,649 readers. I focus on finding small companies with breakout potential. Companies just like the ones we’ve been talking about here.

I have been in the markets for over 20 years, and the number of people following my advice has skyrocketed! I’ve also learned some inside secrets about penny stocks…

What I have found is that penny stocks come in two groups: the more established companies with higher volume and the start-up companies with less volume.

My subscribers to Penny Stock Research are looking for information and trading advice on all kinds of penny stocks. Many of the companies I uncover have a more established track record and a higher trading volume.

However, whenever I am researching penny stocks, I always find a few gems. These are start-up companies that aren’t quite as established and therefore don’t have a large trading volume.

And although I see many of these stocks with what I consider huge potential, I cannot recommend them or even write about them to my Penny Stock Research subscribers.

You see, with over 115,000 subscribers, if a big portion of them acted on a recommendation of these tiny companies, the price of the stock would fly through the roof – leaving other subscribers out in the cold.

So, instead of bypassing these opportunities, I persuaded my boss to let me launch a brand new service devoted entirely to these smallest of small penny stocks.

These are tiny penny stocks and therefore they have enormous potential for growth – they can literally move thousands of percent in one day.

I have also decided that in order to maintain the integrity of this new service, I have to limit the number of people allowed to subscribe.

With an absolute limit of 500 subscribers, your odds of making money are much better than if you are in a pool with thousands of other traders.

A Unique Trading Service for Unique People – Like You

Let’s be honest – trading these ultra small stocks is not for everyone. We know that and we understand. We know that some people want to trade bigger, more established stocks – and that is perfectly fine. But for those of us that see the huge potential in these small companies, The Penny Speculator service is unique.

I have made this service unlike no other you’ve ever seen or heard about.

The service is so simple and easy to follow that there will be absolutely no guesswork on your part – just easy to understand, clear, concise instructions.

I’ll tell you exactly when and how to enter your trade position, and more importantly, I’ll follow the movement of the stock for you, telling you exactly when to exit.

Not every single one of our picks is a winner, there are occasional losers and I’ll be the first one to tell you when to sell these also. I don’t believe in hanging onto a loser in hopes it will recover – no, my job is to see that you are involved with winners.

Maybe You’ve Tried a Trading Service Before and Have Gotten Burned.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re talking with a friend when he says to you, “I found this dynamite little stock that I’m going to invest in.”

“Tell me about it” you say.

“Well, I found this website that uncovers small stocks that are ready to explode, and they are highly recommending this one. Its only 5 cents a share, so I’m going to buy 5,000 shares – if it goes to a dollar, I’ll make $5,000 bucks, but if it goes bust, I’ll only lose $250.”

The troubling thing about this type of thinking is that crooked promoters count on this exact attitude – that if people only lose a small amount of money they won’t be upset.

The Pump and Dump

Every week it seems like some crooked promoter is discovered. One of the classic schemes is the “Pump and Dump”. You may have heard of it – it is the formula virtually every phony promotion follows.

The Pump and Dump preys on peoples’ fear and greed. You may have even been a victim and not even known it. Here’s how it works:

It usually begins with a small group of crooks that pick a stock to promote.

They begin to drive the price up by buying large blocks of shares – big chunks of shares that start to make it appear as if the stock is hot. People begin to take notice.

The scammers then promote the stock on their phony websites. This is where they “pump” the stock. They use phrases like – “this stock is ready to rock and roll” or “catch this rocket while you can.”

At the same time they are buying chunks of shares and promoting the stock on their website, they begin to send out tons and tons of spam emails promising huge returns.

The “pump” continues. You begin to notice chat rooms touting the stock. A blog explains how this stock is “poised to explode”.

Next, the general public takes notice of the charts that show it taking off like a rocket. That’s when the public begins to buy.

At this point, the “Pump” phase is complete.

Then, as the stock price begins to rise, the scammers begin the “Dump”.

While the general public is frantically buying the shares, causing the price to be artificially inflated, the scammers begin selling chunks of stock at these “pumped up” prices. The scammers know they have to begin selling when the public is in a buying frenzy.

Once the big blocks of stock are sold, the scammers pocket their money and the volume drops quickly. Some people watch the stock price plummet and they hang on hoping it will come back up – but it’s too late. Now there are no buyers and those people that didn’t cut their losses watch as their money evaporates and they are left with blocks of worthless stock.

The Pump and Dump is illegal, but unscrupulous promoters repeat it under several different company names and websites. As an innocent investor, you have to be able to spot this classic scam. Too much hype over a stock is a dead giveaway.

But what if that little 5-cent stock really did go to $1.00? You really would make $5,000. Would $5,000 change your life? It could – and that is the beauty of penny stocks – they really do have the potential to be life changing.

Finding real companies with real potential is not easy. Sure, you can do it yourself, but there is a very long, very expensive learning curve. So, if you could afford it, why wouldn’t you enlist the service of a legitimate trading club? Of course I’m talking about The Penny Speculator.

How Do I Know Your Service Is For Real?

I hear you. We both know there are a ton of phony services out there.

But here are a couple of differences between a phony service and a real one:

At The Penny Speculator, we only hire real analysts with real experience. Our analysts have worked for real Wall Street firms such as Smith Barney, Charles Schwab, SoundView Financial and Canaccord.

With this pool of investment talent, we are able to uncover and examine companies that most likely will be ignored by Wall Street.

Once our analysts uncover a potential stock candidate, we get out the magnifying glass and study the financials. We then evaluate the company from top to bottom.

Only one out of one hundred will meet our strict standards. After selecting the stock, we then determine a good time and good price to buy – the first point on the MPC curve. Only then do we recommend the stock to our members.

And because we only look at tiny stocks, the price to buy won’t kill you.

The inexpensive prices are exactly why penny stocks are perfect for our members. We can start with a small opening amount, and with the right guidance, the right moves, and a little luck, we can turn a small amount into an absolute fortune.

Buying a Stock is Easy – Knowing When to Sell is the Hard Part

Our members don’t have to sit in front of their computers hour after hour watching a stock move and trying to guess when to sell. Once you become a member, you will be freed from being chained to your computer. No more watching and worrying. We monitor each of our recommendations and notify you the instant we feel it is the right time to sell and capture maximum profits.

Remember, the stocks we pick are very small companies, so small moves can translate to big profits.

Do Penny Stock Companies Ever Make it Big?

It is rare when a tiny penny stock company breaks into the big time, but when it happens, people can make a lot of money.

Here are some examples that made some people very rich:

Monster Beverage (MNST)

The company started back in the 1930s, selling fresh fruit juices under the name Hansen’s Naturals. By the mid-90s, the company’s sales were lagging and they did a total makeover, cashing in on the burgeoning energy drink craze. The company changed its name to Monster Beverage in 2002.

On April 25, 2003, the stock was selling at $2.00 per share, and had you invested $2,000, you would have purchased 1,000 shares. Twelve years later on April 24, 2015, the stock hit $141.78 and your $2,000 would have been worth $141,780. Looking at a bank balance like that would give anyone energy.

Medifast (MED)

Named as the Number 1 small company in America by Forbes Magazine in 2010, the company provides weight loss solutions to thousands of people. On February 11, 2000, the shares were trading at $0.31. On July 15, 2011, the stock was at $53.99.

Think about it – if you had invested $2,000 on Feb. 11, 2000, you would have bought 3225 shares. Had you cashed in on July 15, 2011, you would have received a check for $348,323. Not bad for a boring weight loss company.

BJ’s Restaurants (BJRI)

This growing restaurant and brewery chain currently has 138 locations in 15 states and the stock trades for around $54 per share. On March 31, 2000, the stock could be purchased for $1.50. Had you invested $2,000, you would have purchased 1333 shares. Had you sold on July 8, 2011, you would have received $72,355. That would buy a lot of beer.

Pier 1 Imports (PIR)

The housing crisis almost put this company out of business, taking its share price down to a measly $0.11 in March of 2009. The company hung on and clawed its way back.

A $2,500 investment at the low of 11 cents would have bought you 9,091 shares. Today, that $1,000 investment would be worth over $118,000 – that’s a lot of candles.

Okay, I Like What I’m Hearing – But What Will I Get When I Join

Each of our members enjoys tremendous benefits – and most of all – personalized service. Remember – you are one of a small group of people all seeking the same thing:

To make as much money as possible, with limited risk, using a small amount of money.

Here’s What You Will Get: 

Specific, How-To Instructions

This section will act as your guide, explaining everything about the service. It will tell you about the stock being recommended, when to buy it, and how much to pay for it. This is your key to unlocking potentially huge profits. 

Quick Overview

We’ll explain why we think the recommendation has potential – no long or dragged out explanation, just a quick snapshot of the opportunity. 

Fast Facts

Here you’ll find a chart of past performance as well as volume and price information. This is where you will get your feel for future potential.

Bi-Weekly Personal Updates

Every other week, we’ll email you with an up-to-date overview on all the open positions. We’ll let you know exactly what’s happening with your stocks and we’ll also alert you on any newly discovered opportunities.

Sell Alerts

This aspect of your personal guidance is critical. It’s easy to buy a stock, but knowing when to sell it is the tricky part. We’ll never leave you hanging – when I think it’s time to get out, I’ll send you a “flash sell alert”. These stocks move fast, so I’ll alert you the minute I think the time is right to sell.

Exclusive Access to Our Website

You’ll receive your password, giving you 24/7 access to our members-only website. Here you’ll find all of our recent recommendations as well as our archive of past trades and a performance history of our current positions.

Penny Stocks 101 Guidebook

If you are new to the exciting world of penny stocks, this guidebook will put you at ease about the process, giving you tips on how to be successful as well as what to avoid. It is like your private tutor to give you a head start on your trading adventure.

When we created The Penny Speculator trading service, I wanted to make it different from the others out there – I insisted on safeguards. I wanted traders to rest assured we have their best interests at heart. So, in keeping with that theme, here are some of the highlights of our service:

Low Minimum Investment

We will only present you with opportunities in stocks trading at $2 or below. By doing so, small moves can mean huge profits.

Fast Alerts

When it’s time to get out of a position, you’ll receive a dedicated email giving you exact instructions.

Zero Conflict of Interest

I insisted that we never accept any compensation from any of the companies that we recommend to you. That’s your assurance of 100% bias-free recommendations.

Small Number of Subscribers

When we first launched the service a couple of years ago, we thought that 1,000 subscribers would be just the right size. But since that time, we have made it even more exclusive – with even better odds of making money, so we are limiting the service to only 500 members.

Some of the penny stocks we recommend are thinly traded, meaning that if we offered this service to thousands of members and everyone jumped on the bandwagon, the stock price could shoot up artificially leaving some people out in the cold. That’s why I insisted on no more than 500 members.

Complete Operating Manual

This comprehensive manual provides a detailed explanation of how the system works. After looking over the easy-to-read instructions, you’ll be fully prepared and confident to make your first trade.

Well – there you have it. I’m pretty sure by now you can see that our service will give you the edge you need to compete in the fast world of penny stocks.

You’ll get fantastic recommendations with the potential for huge profits and you will become one of us – a member of our exclusive service. You are not just a number in a huge group of people.

Our system will put you light years ahead of most traders, and the best part – we’ll always be there by your side.

All right, the service sounds great, but how much is it going to cost me? 

Believe me, we put a lot of thought about how to price this service. 

First, to make this service so successful, we have to pay our researchers and analysts. Unlike some of the scam artists out there, we employ real people. They work hard scouring the market to come up with our recommendations. This is time consuming hard work and we screen out thousands of stocks before finding one worthy of our service.

Secondly, we want only serious traders in our membership – we don’t want hundreds of people jumping in as a result of a super low price or a “free” offer.

This is an exclusive, state of the art, turnkey trading service. We do all of the hard work and you get the potential of reaping huge profits.

We are totally committed to enabling our membership to no more than 500 members to ensure every single member has the best chance of success.

Small membership, exclusive turnkey program, fast alerts, constant monitoring, real analysts – all of this adds up to one fantastic service.

We tried to compare other services to ours, but frankly none came close to the degree of service that we offer.

With that in mind, we decided to price the service at a very reasonable $197 per quarter.


We want to keep the membership fully subscribed, and currently we do have some openings.

So – if you are still undecided at this point, we are offering an incentive to make this deal even more attractive.

We have established a new Trial Enrollment Period during which new members can join for a price so low that I had to get special permission to offer it.

This offer will not continue once the membership is full. Once the trial membership is over, new members will have to pay full price to join.

So, if you are a serious investor – if you want to be part of an exclusive, tight-knit community of like-minded traders enjoying our service – you need to take action now before this offer is gone.

You could be making money like this…

Investors just like you are making this kind of money – EVERY DAY!

“Since signing up for your service and following your recommendations, many of my trades are making money.  I look forward to your future recommendations, especially if they are as on the money as your first ones were!”

– J. Avallone from Riverdale, NJ

“I was excited about seeing my email yesterday with a 
suggestion to sell half my holdings in a stock you recommended buying.  A gain of over 300% paid for my costs of both subscriptions I purchased this year.  I am grateful for my subscriptions to both Penny Stock Breakouts and The Penny Speculator!”

– D. Gerhardt from Tacoma, WA

I urge you to take action right now by accepting my offer to become a subscriber in our cutting-edge service – The Penny Speculator – at a price so low that you’d be nuts to pass it up.

The Penny Speculator normally costs $197 per quarter, but for this new Trial Membership, we have slashed the price to the lowest ever offered. 

Take advantage of a Trial Membership for only $99.95 for the first quarter. 

Remember – this is not some slimmed down membership version – this is the full-blown service, packed with all the bells and whistles that full-priced members receive. 

For about the cost of two Starbucks Venti Lattes per week, you can have the opportunity to make thousands.

Quit your job, take a vacation, buy a new car, or pay off your credit cards – start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

You simply can’t afford NOT to take advantage of this historically low priced offer.

And keep in mind – you could realistically pay for an entire year of service with just one trade.

And so now – the decision is yours.

Memberships are going to fill very quickly – don’t be the one we have to turn away – ACT NOW!

Try The Penny Speculator NOW!


At the lowest price we’ve ever offered – $99.95

YES! I want to get into the most explosive, sub-$2 penny stocks the market has to offer...


Add to Cart

Add to Cart


Buy Now $99.95


Brian Kent
Editor, The Penny Speculator

P.S.  If you are looking for a way to build wealth rapidly, penny stocks are the way to go. If you are a serious investor looking for a legitimate advisory service, then look no further than The Penny Speculator – we designed it to be the best out there and we believe it is.

P.P.S.  Remember, this offer is only available until we reach 500 subscribers – after that we close the service.

P.P.P.S.  I had to do a lot of convincing to allow me to discount the entry price while offering all of the same benefits that regular subscribers receive.  You simply cannot afford to miss this deeply discounted one-time-only offer – sign up today.


Please Note:  Since we have never offered our full service at such a drastically discounted price, we ask that you stick with us for a full quarter – therefore, no refunds during the trial quarter.  After the trial quarter, if you do not want to continue, email us and we simply cancel your future service – no questions asked.

Important Required Disclaimer: hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not been executed, the results may have under-or-over compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profit or losses similar to those shown. Performance figures are based on actual recommendations made by TPS Editors. Due to fast moving markets, stock execution, brokerage fees, and the buying and selling of other subscribers, we cannot guarantee that you will have similar performance results that we show in our track records or promotions. Performance numbers shown are based on trades subscribers could enter based on our performance calculations. The ‘buy price’ is the midway point between the bid and ask price of the stock on the day we made the recommendation. The ‘highest price reached’ is the highest value of the stock by either actual trade or ask price during the life of the open position. ‘Gain/Loss’ is calculated using these two values. By using ‘highest price’ we give you an idea of what our recommendations are capable of. Obviously, no one sells their investments at the highest price reached every single time. But in our opinion, it is valuable to know the potential of each trade we’ve ever made and gives you an idea of how we’ve done. Please note that our track record does not include commissions or taxes. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance.

Any endorsements or testimonials found on our site were voluntarily provided by the people listed. They were not paid a fee or provided with free products or any other benefits in exchange for their statements. The testimonials and endorsements found on our site are to the best of our knowledge true statements, however we have not independently verified any statements. Please note results mentioned in testimonials and endorsements may not reflect the typical customer experience. These testimonials and endorsements are not a representation or guarantee that you will obtain similar results.

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