About Hyperion Financial Group

Founded by investment industry veterans, Hyperion Financial Group provides unbiased and completely independent research to subscribers around the world. While providing investment insight primarily for the individual investor, Hyperion’s subscribers also include mutual fund managers, institutional investors, stockbrokers, and financial planners.

Hyperion Financial’s team of analysts have many decades of experience working for some of the largest financial services and investment banking firms in the world including UBS, Smith Barney, Charles Schwab, SoundView Financial, and Canaccord. This unique collection of talent allows Hyperion to offer the best investment ideas and strategies that Wall Street and Silicon Valley have to offer.

Our analysts cover a broad range of investment strategies from investing in relatively unknown blue-chip stocks to advanced option trading. In addition, we are constantly searching out and testing new strategies that we think can help our subscribers achieve their financial and investment goals.

In order to avoid any conflict of interest, all we offer is investment research. We accept no compensation from the stocks we recommend. We do not solicit any banking business nor do we offer any money management or brokerage services.

It is this policy that allows us to be completely unbiased and only bring our subscribers the very best ideas that will put money in their pockets.

This means our research must be of the highest quality–and we think it is.

All of the investment strategies we offer have been thoroughly tested and screened to ensure the greatest probability of profit with the lowest possible risk. We do not offer any investment strategies that we have not invested in ourselves, with our own personal money.

It is this practice that truly sets Hyperion Financial Group apart from other firms in the investment business.