Biotech Supertrader


Guess which sector produces some of the most spectacular returns you’ll ever see as an investor in the stock market?

You guessed it. It’s biotechnology.

For years we’ve watched ‘unknown’ biotech stocks trade along relatively unnoticed at a few dollars a share and then **BOOM** they explode through the stratosphere!

In fact, it’s not unusual to see biotech stocks move 500%, 1,000%, even 5,000% in just a few month’s time (and sometimes literally overnight).

And the good news is, these types of returns happen in just about every market condition known to man. It helps when the market is healthy, but we’ve witnessed plenty of biotech “10-baggers” even when the market is down…

The problem, however, has always been wading through the hundreds of stocks in this sector and choosing only those that have the highest probability of producing enormous upside. Separating the wheat from the chaff so to speak…

And that’s where Biotech Supertrader comes in.

Written by superstar analyst Corey Williams, Biotech Supertrader navigates through the sometimes murky water of the biotech sector to bring you only those stocks that have a real shot at immediate profit.

This is all done through a systematic approach developed from real life observation and investment in the sector. We sift through clinical studies, FDA decisions, and scientific journals to reveal innovative companies and stocks that could put you, and your bank account, on the fast track to wealth!

Each and every month you’ll get ideas and recommendations focused solely on the biotech sector. You’ll discover amazing profit opportunities in companies developing cures and treatments to some of mankind’s most troublesome diseases.

Look, knowing that the biotech sector produces eye-popping winners is one thing, but having a team like ours take you by the hand and lead you to them is quite another!

And that’s exactly what you’ll get with Biotech Supertrader…


The methodology behind Biotech Supertrader involves first having a solid fundamental basis for the trade.  We’re looking for revolutionary stocks that have drugs, treatments, and testing equipment designed to combat all kinds of illnesses that plague mankind.

Once a few potential candidates are discovered, we apply a proprietary screen and analysis to narrow down the list to only those stocks that have the immediate potential for enormous profit.

It is only after rigorous research and analysis that we make a recommendation to subscribers.  Once a investment idea is found, an email is immediately sent to subscribers giving you all the information you need to make a quick decision.  We tell you what we’re recommending, why it’s about to move, how much you should pay for it, and what to keep an eye on.

Once a recommendation is made, we’ll keep you constantly updated about not only the positions in the portfolio, but also the biotech sector in general.  You’ll get ongoing market commentary as well specific suggestions on how to manage the trades.

And when it’s time to exit a position, we’ll send an email sell alert with clear instructions on when to sell and at what price.

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What’s Included With A Subscription

Your subscription to Biotech Supertrader includes 1-2 trade alerts sent out each month as opportunities arise.  Each one will include an explosive biotech stock with immediate potential for substantial gain.

In addition, you’ll get frequent updates that keep you informed on your positions and the biotech sector in general.  If something happens to one of your stocks, you’ll hear about it right away!

Further, as part of the service, we will issue specific, and timely sell alerts so you know EXACTLY when to take profits, and when to dump losers.  That way, you’ll never be left in the dark about your open positions.

Biotech Supertrader subscribers also get 7 day a week, 24 hour access to the members section of this website.  Here subscribers have access to current recommendations, the trade archive, position updates, the track record and any special reports we publish.

Additionally, new subscribers receive the “Biotech Supertrader Operating Manual” as well as our popular guide “Biotechnology Investing 101“.  These reports describe in greater detail how the service works and how to use Biotech Supertrader for maximum profit.

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Biotech Supertrader FAQs

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about Biotech Supertrader and how it benefits investors all around the world.

1. What is Biotech Supertrader exactly?
Biotech Supertrader is a trading service published by Hyperion Financial. It’s written by noted analyst Corey Williams. The service focuses solely on the explosive biotech sector and looks for stocks that have a very good chance at skyrocketing in the near term.

2. How often is Biotech Supertrader published?
1-2 Biotech Supertrader recommendations are made each month, however, there’s no set schedule as to when they are released. This way, the team has the flexibility to quickly alert subscribers to time-sensitive opportunities. Throughout each week, subscribers also get position and sector updates that review what’s going on in the market as well as with current recommendations. Sell alerts are also issued when we believe it’s time to take profits and exit a position.

3. What types of investments are recommended in Biotech Supertrader?
We only recommend individual stocks contained within the biotech sector. Further, most of these stocks will trade for less than $10 per share, which is the optimum price for maximum appreciation potential in this sector.

There are no futures, options, or anything like that. And you do not need an account with margin or any borrowed money. Thus, a simple stock brokerage account is all you need to utilize the ideas found in Biotech Supertrader.

4. Will the performance of Biotech Supertrader be affected by having too many subscribers?
Yes. As with all of our trading services, once our subscribers’ trades begin “influencing” the market, we will stop accepting new members and start a waiting list. The initial number of members has been set at 750.

5. Can those living in countries outside the US use your system?
Yes, as long as you are able to trade stocks on the US exchanges. Most of the larger online brokers allow those living outside the US to open accounts and trade on the US exchanges. We have subscribers from countries all around the world including the United States, Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand, and many more.

6. What is the background of your editor?

Corey Williams is a regarded and well know trader.  He’s got years and years of practical market trading experience under his belt.  In addition, prior to joining our firm, hew worked in the banking industry where he garnered a great deal of exposure to a number of industries and different companies.

7. How much capital do I need to begin trading the recommendations?

There’s no specific amount of money that you need to dedicate to trading the recommendations. You should determine what amount is appropriate based on your own personal money management and investment strategy. The price of individual recommendations range from $1 a share all the way up to $20 a share or more- it really depends on the individual stock.

Remember, only use funds that you’ve set aside for speculative purposes. Never use funds that you might need for food, clothing, the mortgage, rent, transportation, and other necessary living expenses. Of course, be sure to seek the advice of your broker or financial advisor when determining if any particular investment is suitable for you.

8. What’s the average holding period for your recommendations?

Biotech Supertrader is a relatively short-term trading service. Most of our trades will last anywhere from 1 day to several months. Sometimes we’ll have a big winner which may last a little longer.

9. What’s the performance of the recommendations?

We have a detailed performance page available only to our paid subscribers (because some of the positions are still open). The performance page includes the buy price, the buy date, the current price, and return amount.

10. What markets are the recommended biotech stocks traded on?

All of our picks trade on the NYSE, NYSE Arca, Pink Sheets, or NASDAQ. As long as you have a broker with access to these markets, you’ll be able to trade our recommendations.

11. What broker should I use to trade your biotech stock recommendations?

The stocks recommended by Biotech Supertrader can be traded through just about any brokerage firm, online or off. We have no affiliation with any broker or firm. We suggest you contact several brokers to find one that best meets your needs.

12. If I sign up today, when will I receive my first recommendation or position update email?

Occasionally, it can take a few days to get your subscription into our system. But in most cases, you’ll have access to the most recent recommendation, position updates, and the current portfolio the moment you subscribe.

13. How much does Biotech Supertrader cost?

Biotech Supertrader costs just $1,495 per year. That means we’ll bill your credit card every year until you tell us to stop. That way you’ll get uninterrupted service for as long as you want it (and you’re using the service).

The membership fee includes the timely recommendations, position updates, sell alerts, and access to our members-only website. Additionally, you will receive a comprehensive Operating Manual and Biotech 101 report to help you quickly get up-to-speed on the dynamic biotech sector and how to best use Biotech Supertrader.

14. How do I cancel my subscription to Biotech Supertrader?

If you ever want to cancel your subscription, just send an email to notifying us of your wish to do so. Your subscription will then run until the end of the subscription period, at which time it will be cancelled. You will not be rebilled once your subscription ends. Please note, we do not offer refunds on our subscriptions.

15. Will you respond to questions and comments about the market, the stock recommendations, investment strategy and other similar topics?

Unfortunately, due to US Securities Laws and Regulations, we are not permitted to respond personally to individual questions about the market, individual investments or the investment strategy. However, questions we receive via email are forwarded to the editor for possible inclusion in future monthly issues and portfolio update emails.

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