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Hyperion Financial is proud to offer a number of premium newsletters for traders and investors at all skill levels.

If you’re interested in trading Penny Stocks, ETFs, Commodities, or even options, we have a service to help take your trading to the next level!



Penny Stock Breakouts, written by former floor trader and hedge fund analyst Jay Chernoff, is a monthly investment advisory that concentrates on the lucrative penny stock market.

Each month, Jay analyzes thousands of penny stocks using a variety of fundamental, technical, and common-sense indicators to identify only those penny stocks that are on the verge of a major breakout in the very near future.

As many of you know, investing in penny stocks can be enormously profitable.  We’ve seen stocks return thousands of percent very quickly and turn small sums of money into millions.  But it can also be a very ‘tricky’ market to master.

Let Jay’s proven stock-picking skills and experience guide you in navigating this explosive market for both fun and profit!

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Sector ETF Trader, written by Corey Williams, is a monthly investment advisory that concentrates on one of the fastest-growing investments, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Corey’s investment philosophy is simple: Buy into specific sectors that are in favor with investors, and sell those that aren’t.  This type of sector rotation strategy has shown itself to be very profitable in just about any market condition.

He starts by analyzing the economy as a whole.  Determining what type of economic cycle we’re in and what’s likely to come next.  Based on this analysis, he then uses historical patterns to identify those sectors that do well given certain economic conditions.

Finally, Corey drills down into these broad sectors to give you specific industries that are primed to skyrocket.

Each month, Corey reports the results of this process to pinpoint 1-2 sector ETFs that offer the best opportunity for immediate profit.  If you get in early enough, these investments all have the potential to show enormous returns in a very short amount of time.

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Many experts believe commodities are the place to be for the next 5-10 years.  The continued growth in China and India virtually guarantees that most commodities will be in hot demand for some time to come.

Oil, gold, wheat, coffee, sugar, lumbar- these are things the world will need as our population continues to swell.  The only question is how best to profit?

The answer is Commodity ETF Alert.

Written by superstar trader Justin Bennett, Commodity ETF Alert gives you access to the high-flying commodity markets, without the high-flying risk of futures trading.

This is accomplished through a disciplined strategy of using fast-growing ETFs that are linked to many of the world’s commodities.  Combining the cost effectiveness and ease of use of ETFs with the profit potential of the skyrocketing commodity markets is an ideal way to grow your brokerage account and retirement over the foreseeable future.

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Trading Services



Guess which sector produces some of the most spectacular returns you’ll ever see as an investor in the stock market?

You guessed it.  It’s biotechnology.

For years we’ve watched ‘unknown’ biotech stocks trade along relatively unnoticed at a few dollars a share and then **BOOM** they explode through the stratosphere!

In fact, it’s not unusual to see biotech stocks move 500%1,000%, even 5,000% in just a few month’s time (and sometimes literally overnight).

Biotech Supertrader navigates through the sometimes murky water of the biotech sector to bring you only those stocks that have a real shot at immediate profit.

This is all done through a systematic approach developed from real life observation and investment in the sector.  We sift through clinical studies, FDA decisions, and scientific journals to reveal innovative companies and stocks that could put you, and your bank account, on the fast track to wealth!

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Elite Option Trader is an investment advisory service written by Corey Williams.  It’s designed to identify short-term, high-return option positions using both fundamental and technical analysis on both the underlying stock and the option.  At its core, Elite Option Trader focuses on options on stocks that are exhibiting momentum, either up or down.

Some of Corey’s recent results include a 168% gain on Apache calls, 264% returns on United Airlines puts, and a 757% gain on Diana Shipping calls.

These profits were made without any margin, spreads or borrowed money.  Nor do you have to have a large bankroll or PhD to see these types of returns.

By combining both fundamental and technical analysis gleaned from years of real world trading experience, Elite Option Trader enables you to use the tremendous power of options with strictly limited risk.  This type of option strategy gives you the opportunity for large gains whether stocks are sinking or soaring, making it the perfect strategy for today’s markets.

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The Penny Speculator is a premium trading service that focuses entirely on highly-explosive penny stocks trading for less than $2 per share.  Unlike penny stock services that are nothing more than glorified lottery tickets, The Penny Speculator uses a proven, highly-effective system to identify stocks with real potential.

Trade alerts are issued only when editor Brian Kent finds a situation that tilts the odds of tremendous success in your favor.  Once he does, subscribers get a clear, concise recommendation that’s easy to act on.  No fluff and filler here!

Once the trade is made, Brian keeps his subscribers informed every step of the way.

They know what’s going on with their stocks, what to do when things change and most importantly, when to take profits.  It’s this attention to detail that has made Brian one of the most widely-followed penny stock analysts on the planet.

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