BST Position Update: December 19, 2014

| December 19, 2014

December 19, 2014

Position Update

. . . . Cerus (NASDAQ: CERS) – Buy

Cerus has caught fire over the last three days.  CERS is up more than 30% this week after receiving approval from the FDA for the INTERCEPT Blood System for plasma.

Obviously, that’s fantastic news for CERS.  This is their first approval in the US.  And it puts the company in a great position to continue to grow revenue and generate earnings in the future.

Cerus is still seeking FDA approval to use Intercept to treat platelets.  We believe there is still more upside ahead for CERS when they receive approval for the INTERCEPT Blood System for platelets.

CERS is still below our $6.60 buy up to price.  So make sure to grab these shares if you haven’t already done so.

. . . . Merrimack Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: MACK) – Hold

The impressive uptrend in MACK has pushed the shares above $11.00 for the first time today.  The stock is now up 65% from our initial buy price and a whopping 167% above the 52-week low.

This stock clearly has a lot of bullish momentum behind it right now.  And we recommend continuing to hold onto your shares for bigger gains.

. . . . Xencor (NASDAQ: XNCR) – Sell Half

Xencor has really taken off over the last three days.  XNCR is now doubled from our buy price of $8.56 to $17.64 today.

The catalyst for the jump was the announcement of a partnership between Xencor and Novo Nordisk.  The agreement will net XNCR $175 million in cash to continue developing the Xencor XmAb technologies.

It’s time to sell half of your shares of XNCR to recoup our initial investment and let the rest ride.

Action To Take

  • Sell half of Xencor (NASDAQ: XNCR).
  • Move Cerus (NASDAQ: CERS) to Hold.


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