PSB Monthly Issue November 2015

| November 5, 2015

A Biotech Company That’s Changing The Way Humans Heal!

This month we’re uncovering an exciting biotech company with a fantastic new product.

Not for the faint of heart, this exciting company is producing implant products that could change how humans heal!

Consider this, the orthopedic industry is estimated to be $35 billion in size, lead by spine, knee and hip replacements.  It’s a huge industry with a growing problem.

There’s no doubt human life if improved because of these implants… and as our population ages, the industry will only grow more.

But, the industry has some problems.

Many times patients with implants suffer from infections, They limit surrounding bone growth, the implants limit x-ray and CRT / PET imaging, and the implants are weak and aren’t bio-compatable.

Despite these problems, implants are a huge part of the medical industry.

But there’s a company out there with a new product…

Introducing Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)…

Silicon is one of the most abundant resources next to oxygen, and is needed in the human body since it promotes bone growth and density.

Implants manufactured with Silicon Nitride outperform today’s traditional products and provide some unique solutions to the implant problems we mentioned above.

The company notes that Silicon Nitride products are great because they limit infections… they have a unique structure permitting better bone growth and osteointegration (fusion of bone to implant).

Silicon Nitride implants also allow enhanced imaging attributes… giving doctors greater visibility allowing for accurate device placement and post-op fusion detection.

Best yet, Silicon Nitride products can be better in strength than titanium implants.

Why aren’t these implants the standard?

Well, the company is still in the process of getting a salesforce built, and more studies and reviews in peer review journals.  We also have to deal with the pesky FDA.

Once they have the sales team firing on all cylinders, the company will see some great growth.

This company has protected its miracle product with 56 patents issued and another 37 patents in various stages of approval in the US and internationally.

This company has been working with the FDA on testing their Valeo I systems and has already implanted 20,000 silicon nitride implants to date!

Shockingly, no other company has received FDA approval for the use of medical-grade Silicon Nitrate ceramic implants.

So why isn’t this more popular?

Well, the company is still getting FDA approval for some products.

This summer, the FDA delayed a product release… specifically the clearance of the Valeo C Interbody with CsC Osteo-Conductive Scaffolding.

The FDA has requested 24 months of clinical performance data before further clearance considerations. Two year performance data from the CASCADE clinical trial will be ready sometime this quarter… pushing final approval to early 2016.

It’s a great reason to pick up the stock now!

Now, let’s look at the company…

Introducing Amedica Corporation $AMDA…

Amedica is a commercial biomaterial company based in Salt Lake City.  They are using Silicon Nitride technology to develop a broad range of medical devices.  Their focus is on spine implants, and are diversifying into the hip, knee, and dental implants.

These products are marketed in in the United States and Europe, and they sell products directly to surgeons and hospitals along with a network of independent sales distributors.

They were smart and partnered with Kyocera for the production of  their products.  This means they have a world class expert in production without the increased cash costs and cash burn.

Let’s take a quick look at their financials…

The Amedica Numbers

According to recent presentations, the company is looking at $19 to $20 million in sales, and to break even in the middle of 2016!

If they accomplish these goals, the company will be a huge cash cow… and the value of the stock should skyrocket.

Also, buying in just before a company turns profitable is a great strategy for trading penny stocks.

The Huge Upside Potential

I see three things happening in 2016 for the company:

  • First is FDA approval for the sale of their product…
  • Second is a ramp up in sales and growing revenue…
  • And Third is the achievement of profitability by mid-year.

These are three huge hurdles… and if the company is able to overcome them… even if they miss estimates by a quarter or two… will add huge growth to the stock price.

Just look at the current stock price.

Over the last year, the stock’s been hammered… and this gives us a great opportunity to get it on the cheap.

Now, this stock isn’t without serious risks… only trade with money you can afford to lose!  This is a lottery ticket!  

BUY Amedica Corp. $AMDA up to $0.35.


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