PSB Portfolio Update July 2015

| July 16, 2015

portfolio update

The last month has been quite the roller-coaster.

The Nasdaq fell from the highs last month breaking below the 50-day moving average.  Once the fears of a meltdown from the Greek crisis were averted, the market rallied significantly.

As of today, we’re re-testing the highs!

The financials and the retail sectors are confirming the move higher… however… there’s weakness in the Technology and the Dow Transports.

It’s a split decision in my mind, but for now we go with the trend!

We’re going to continue holding most of our stocks as we’ve reached nice highs and are showing significant gains… with one exception you can read about below.

There are lots of earnings announcements over the next few weeks.  We’ll be watching those closely for any action we might need to take.

Now, let’s take a look at a few of our positions…

Position Update

. . . . JAKKS Pacific (NASD: JAKK) – Hold

We had a big selloff in the stock earlier in the month.  That said, the stock is starting to recover.  The strong financial investors and buyback we mentioned last month will provide support.

Continue holding for more gains!

. . . . Marin Software (NASD: MRIN) – Hold

The most recent pullback has pushed the stock down towards our buy price again.  The big resistance will be the 50-day moving average at the $6.46 level.  We need to see the stock rally above this level soon… otherwise it’s a sign of weakness.

Hold for now.

. . . . Angie’s List (NASD: ANGI) – Hold

Angie’s List is going through some c-suite turmoil.  Early this month, they named the interim CEO… and the stock has flatlined.  Let’s hold tight and see what happens to the company and the CEO search.  If they find the right leader, we could see the stock spike on the news!

. . . . Hutting  (NYSE: ANGI) – BUY

This is our newest recommendation and the stock continues to hover between the $3.00 and $3.20 level… Buy up to $3.52 a share!

. . . . GAIN Capital (NYSE: GCAP) – Hold

Continue holding tight!

. . . . NEVSUN Resources (AMEX: NSU) – SELL

This copper play is still struggling.  Copper prices are still trending lower and China (a big copper consumer) is looking sad.  It’s time to cut ties… maybe we’ll revisit again in a few months after China stabilizes.

. . . . Demand Media (NYSE: DMD) – Hold

Osmium Partners just disclosed a stake of 1.3 million shares, up significantly from the 400K they owned a few months ago.  A great sign… continue to hold.

Action to Take

  • Sell NEVSUN Resources (AMEX: NSU)

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