TPS Position Update – April 29, 2015

| April 29, 2015

TPS Position Update

. . . . Inuvo (AMEX: INUV) – Hold 

Last update I mentioned how INUV had a huge breakout to the upside on news of a new deal with Yahoo (YHOO).  Well, the stock climbed all the way up to $3.50 before returning to a more normal upward trend.

At its peak, this position has been a 145% winner for us.  And, even though the share price has returned to a more reasonable range, there’s still plenty of upside remaining.

You see, part of the reason the shares spiked is due to the company moving to a new office.  The business is growing so rapidly that the company needs more space for new employees.  That’s definitely a good sign for current shareholders.

. . . . Ocean Power Technologies (NASDAQ: OPTT) – Hold

OPTT spiked higher on positive news and is now a decent-sized winner for us.  At the current price, the position is up 23%, and has been as high as a 49% winner.  Not bad for just over a one-month trade.

Basically, the good news is the company has reached the next phase of a Department of Energy technology contract.  Clearly, if OPTT gets a contract with the government, it’s going to be mean big (and steady) revenue.

After the recent surge, we’re moving OPTT to Hold.

. . . . Finjan Technologies (NASDAQ: FNJN) – Buy up to $1.80

I’ve had a couple questions from subscribers about FNJN as it has drifted lower since our purchase.  First off, don’t worry.  The stock isn’t down on any particular news, just standard industry volatility.

What’s more, a 5%-10% down position is nothing to worry about for micro caps.  When they go up, they tend to go up in a hurry.  However, sometimes you have to wait weeks or months for the big moves to happen.

As far as buying more FNJN on dips, that’s up to the risk appetite of the individual investor.  Most importantly, you don’t want to pay too much attention to the entry price because it’s a long-term hold situation.  Unless there’s a substantial move lower (or higher), I try to ignore the smaller moves.

Action To Take

  • Move Ocean Power Technologies (NASDAQ: OPTT) from Buy to Hold

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